Thursday, May 27, 2004

Finally, developers get it

The Hartford Courant began a May 24 story with an account of prospective tenants and buyers checking out the former Congregation Ados Israel, a synagogue at 215 Pearl St. that’s been locked and empty for 20 years. It’s an example of a trend: “Hartford, where property owners often have been more interested in making parking lots out of historic buildings than reusing them, is experiencing a substantial—and somewhat unexpected—surge in historic preservation.” Other examples of old buildings slated for renovation, according to the Courant, include the Society for Savings bank on Pratt Street and the 1903 Capewell Horse Nail Co. factory, near Adriaen's Landing.

For those trying to imagine where the synagogue is located: It’s a narrow building next to Theater Works. Once upon a time, downtown business people stopped in there on their way to work in the morning.

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