Friday, December 31, 2004

ALS Loses Hosley; Let's Hope Hartford Doesn't

The Hartford Courant reported today that William Hosley, "a passionate and outspoken voice for the preservation and promotion of Connecticut's history and culture," has resigned as head of the Antiquarian & Landmarks Society. The ALS owns and exhibits 12 historic properties around the state, including two in Hartford: the Butler-McCook Household and Garden on Main Street and the Isham-Terry House on High Street, overlooking I-84.

Neither Hosley nor ALS board members would give a public explanation for Hosley's departure.
Kenneth R. Kahn, executive director of the Greater Hartford Arts Council, said other local organizations should "get this guy employed for the good of the community." He called Hosley "a unique spokesman for the historical assets of the region" and asked, "With all his knowledge of Greater Hartford and Connecticut, do you want him moving to Kansas?"

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