Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mayor and 'Victorian Lady' to Be Featured on HGTV and in Parade Magazine

A press release from Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez:

"Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez and the 'Victorian Lady' on Ashley Street will be featured on the Home and Garden Television show 'Restore America' starting this fall. A feature article will also appear in the Sunday, May 22nd, edition of 'Parade Magazine.'

"The Queen Anne-style home is one of 12 examples nationwide on how preservation plays an important role in the revitalization of cities. Mayor Perez talks about Hartford’s new Historical Preservation Ordinance--a sweeping measure that not only helps these homes keep with the integrity of the historical period, but also does not pose a financial burden on Hartford homeowners.

"Mayor Perez also stresses how the City’s history and architecture---like that of the Victorian Lady---are some of the reasons why more people are moving into Hartford. The City has 800 new homeowners since 2002.

"'Dutch traders came to Hartford and built a fort called the 'House of Hope,' says Mayor Perez. He adds, 'Today, the Victorian Lady is a shining example of Hartford’s hope that restoring these irreplaceable homes continues to be an important part of the City’s renaissance.'"

The "Victorian Lady" is a brick building that was moved last summer from 247 Sigourney St. to 21 Ashley St. to save it from the wrecking ball. View a picture of the move on the home page of the Hartford Preservation Alliance, which gave one of its 2005 Jeffery S. Czopor Preservation Awards to the Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance for its role in the effort.

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