Sunday, July 24, 2005

Restoring the Glory of Farmington Avenue

Hartford Courant columnist Tom Condon notes the recent successes West End activists have had in saving some important structures on Farmington Avenue, including the facade of the former Colonial Theater, which is now the face of the Braza restaurant, and a duckpin bowling alley. They've also "commissioned a plan that will make the avenue an attractive urban boulevard," he writes. "If the city gets behind it, as may be happening, this could be a very good thing for Hartford and the region."

It would be a significant change from the policy of the past several decades. As Condon notes, the city took Hartford's major arteries for granted in the decades following World War II. "Weak zoning combined with other urban ills to degrade the once-proud thoroughfares," he writes. Now, "there's momentum that shouldn't be wasted."

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