Saturday, February 25, 2006

Know someone deserving of a preservation award?

This call has gone out to members of the Hartford Preservation Alliance:

"In May of each of the past five years, national Preservation Month (formerly Preservation Week) in Hartford has been celebrated with an awards ceremony for persons who have, during the preceding year, contributed in exceptional ways to architectural preservation in Hartford.

"We have now started the process of collecting recommendations for this year's preservation awards and would very much appreciate your suggestions. We are especially interested in awards which show preservation activity at the neighborhood level. Recommendations will be accepted in at least the following categories:

  • Historic restoration, exterior and interior
  • Historically-sensitive in-fill and new construction
  • Historic painting
  • Facade restoration
  • Park improvement and landscaping
  • Historically-sensitive streetscape improvements
  • Historic signage
  • Historic district creation
  • Adaptive reuse
  • Community education
  • Preservation advocacy
  • Lifetime contribution to the preservation movement

"These categories, however, are not exclusive. Recommendations of all sorts are welcome -- we encourage creativity. We also encourage you to ask your friends and associates to help identify potential awardees.

"If you have recommendations for Preservation Week awards in 2006, please send them to us. We would appreciate your responding by March 11 (although we will accept recommendations past that date)."

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