Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stay in the loop by joining the state historian's list

Connecticut has an official state historian, and his name is Walter W. Woodward, a history professor at the University of Connecticut. You'll find his website here, but the real electronic service he performs is hosting an e-mail group for anyone with questions (and answers) about Connecticut history. Here's how it's advertised:

"H-Connecticut is the electronic communications list created by the Office of the State Historian just for people like us. On H-Connecticut, people can post information, ask questions, express opinions, and share ideas with others who care as much as we do about Connecticut’s past. Best of all, H-Connecticut subscribers include experts from many fields, so no matter what you want to know, chances are an H-Connecticut subscriber can help you get answers. It’s almost like having a Connecticut history think tank on call.

"Subscribing is as easy. Everything is done by email, and it’s absolutely free."

Join H-Connecticut here.

If you have the time, check out Mr. Harrison's very impressive resume. Just about at the very bottom, he notes that he composed two top-10 country songs.