Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So Long, Hartford Conservatory

After 120 years as one of the cultural and educational wellsprings of Hartford, the Hartford Conservatory will shut down next spring. This Hartford Courant editorial lists the reasons; so does this announcement from the Conservatory's trustees.

The editorial also gives a nice outline of the Conservatory's history:

"The conservatory was founded in 1890 by some of the city's leading families as the Hartford School of Music, and is now located in two historic Victorian buildings on Asylum Avenue. Generations of Hartford youngsters went to the conservatory for music lessons. Its concerts and recitals were among the city's leading entertainments for years; it even had its own orchestra, the Hartford Civic Orchestra."

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  1. That is a real shame. I was researching coservatories for my broadway blog and came across this. That is very sad that you all lost your conservatory. Music and arts should be a part of everyone's childhood and upbringing.