Wednesday, May 18, 2011

'Making Connecticut' exhibit to open at CHS

The new exhibit at the Connecticut Historical Society, set to open May 25, sounds like it could be fun for the youngsters:

"Colorful, interactive, and filled with more than 500 historic objects, images, and documents, "Making Connecticut" is the story of all the people of Connecticut, from the 1500s through today. Themes of daily life, clothing, transportation, sports and leisure, work, and social change run throughout the exhibit. Hands-on activities for kids (and adults!) include working a World War II assembly line, hand stenciling designs for a 19th-century chair, sewing a Native American moccasin, replacing bobbins in a textile mill, and cooking a meal and setting the table in both a colonial and a 1980s kitchen. Come be surprised, inspired, and amused as you explore our state's past and your own place in 'Making Connecticut.'"